1. What is it for?

dropp provides small business with the technology to create and maintain their own online store, create discount promotions, digital loyalty cards,  coupons, stored value cards, ibeacon campaigns, and deliveries for their own business. 

2. What businesses would use it?

Gyms, Juiceries, markets, restaurants, night clubs, hairdressers, masseuses, pet groomers, club promoters, and any small business who wants to retain their customer base and expand their business while increasing their revenue.

3. What features of the app would the business use?

Business Directory, Delivery functions, in app advertising, discount coupons, loyalty cards, digital wallet, stored value cards and much more!

4. What is the user experience? And what are the use cases in which a user would use the app?

The user feels a direct connection with their favorite local small business and by directly linking with the businesses pass they have the ability to order delivery of services and goods through the app. We want the user to feel like they are at the forefront of technology but are still able to use their favorite small businesses services or order their goods.