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dropp gives small businesses the technology to create their online store, coupon campaigns, digital loyalty cards, gift cards, digitally stored value cards, digital memberships, digital ticketing and perform deliveries without having to pay 3rd party fees.  The dropp app marketplace provides businesses with a directory listing that showcases their business, alongside others within the local area.  dropp allows our customers to advertise their coupons, loyalty cards, and stored value passes.  All of these assets are stored in the consumer’s digital dropp wallet. dropp's technology will strengthen the loyalty between your business and your customers.


Amy Michelle, is a holistic nutritionist and former small business owner. After suffering from a major Accident, getting hit by a car while riding her bicycle, she required multiple hip surgeries. During her recovery she had long periods of bed rest with no mobility requiring her to use 3rd party delivery services to deliver her everyday needs.  It was during this time she realized that her local small businesses were barely surviving while potential revenue was going to 3rd parties.  She decided to create the technology for small businesses to easily enter the on demand delivery market and bring their businesses up to speed with the current trend of going digital. “I’d like to be the Robin Hood of small business technology, giving mom and pop businesses the ability to simply compete in today’s technology driven society”  - Amy Michelle